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About my Practice

I approach my bodywork and energy-work from a whole-istic perspective and strive to base my practice in heart-centered listening. I listen to and give my attention to the client and find it crucial to listen and give my attention to the body: what messages is the body communicating? I listen to what the client tells me about all different aspects (health, exercise, diet, work, relationships) and levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) of their lives.

I find that it is my responsibility to honor that every person is responsible for his or her own health and healing and where I can I will assist you in creating more awareness about your options and helping you find the ever-increasing joy that comes with true healing, a coming closer to one’s true self

For over 20 years I have been investigating the body as a modern dancer and besides investigating through dance I continue to study the (meta) physical through continuing education and by turning within!

About my sessions

My peaceful practice is located on a quiet block on West 86th Street in Manhattan, between Broadway and Westend. Sessions are generally 1 hour (1 ½ hours in and out the door), and I also offer abbreviated sessions of 40 minutes (1 hour in and out the door). I offer house-calls in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn for which I charge additionally.

The various sessions I offer are

  • Whole-istic reflexology
  • Maternity reflexology
  • Metamorphosis sessions
  • Flower Essence sessions
  • Prana Yoga sessions one-on-one
  • Singing Bowl sessions

For information on my session rates, to ask questions or to schedule an appointment just contact me

Client Feedback

In my bodywork practice (of 13 years) of I have been fortunate to witness beautiful results.
Here some comments from clients:

  • I am finding your treatments to be the most profound body work I have ever had! B
  • Thank you so much for the reflexology session: I feel the restorative effects activated throughout my body. My feet feel wonderful & I'm greatly relieved. I look forward to our next session. –DP
  • Hi! Thanks for yesterday! I feel a ton better today!! CV
  • Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I felt so very energized and got a lot done that I had been putting off. My feet still feel great... I seem to feel the circulation more. What a wonderful session and, so really good to connect with you. – DN
  • This evening was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. GN
  • Thank you so much for last night! I slept so incredibly deeply, through both my alarms actually and never stirred. LC
  • I felt that my sleep was deeper. Today I have noticeably less burning pain. MH
  • I felt very tired (good tired, that is) after our session and slept really well Wednesday night. Yesterday I was pretty energetic and managed to get a lot done. AK
  • Thanks again for your great energy. PS
  • More tingling, even more than the first time and it continued through the night. Today, my leg feels much better, even after I've been sitting for some time. BP