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About my Dancing
I find that being a part of any creative process, continually opening oneself to new possibilities and ideas, is incredibly inspiring and enlightening!

Also, in co- creating the performances we (the choreographer and collaborative dancers), get to practice patience and compassion and other social communication skills –flexing our social IQ’s- as we work through the puzzles and ups and downs of creation...

Hopefully the culmination of this process brings us as well as our audiences a new insight or feeling, a new thought and hopefully some sense of satisfaction or joy...

Dance is to me an all-round, and as such a very ‘whole-istic’ experience.
Dancing itself requires paying attention now, really being in the moment in the physical and mental bodies. I enjoy theatrical work, which also engages the emotional body, hopefully both that of the performer as well as that of the spectator.
As I am up on stage in front of an audience I feel a sense of responsibility and it connects me to my spiritual self. And I was taught in my yoga training that live performance is often such an ‘in the moment’ experience that it connects you to your bliss body.
These are all the 5 sheaths or koshas, the layers of the different energy bodies that we have according to the ancient yogic scriptures: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and bliss bodies...

For over 20 years I have been investigating the body as a modern dancer and I continue my investigations through the practice and discipline of rehearsals, yoga, meditation, practicing awareness and working out at the gym.

About my performances
I am currently a collaborative performer with 3 modern dance companies in New York: Susan Marshall & Company, Tiffany Mills Company and Jane Comfort and Company.
Upcoming Performances, see here.

If you would like to be added to my dance mailing list please e-mail me with that request.

About Teaching
I most enjoy teaching and setting of repertory, like re-staging Susan Marshall's Name by Name (for DanceWave in Brooklyn), re-staging Working Memory (various colleges throughout the US) and my Solo from Cloudless (on several enthusiastic and talented pre-professional and professional dancers).
I have taught modern technique, master-classes and yoga as well as various workshop introductions to Reflexology and Metamorphosis.

More information available upon request.

Some Audience Feedback

  • THANK YOU for your amazing performance I really appreciate the risk and vulnerability you all shared with the audience. Strong work. –TM
  • I'm always inspired when I see you dance and enjoy getting to speak together. -CE
  • I really enjoyed your performance last night. It's a fantastic piece and you are a group of very impressive performers. Have fun with the other shows. -IT
  • Thanks again for being an inspiration! -BB

‘Dancing is praying with the legs, marching is cussing with the feet’- Wim Kan